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Our 10K & 100K Club Award Winners
The 10K and 100K Club Awards are for members that sell over £10,000 and £100,000 selling on Amazon
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Sarah - 10K Club Member
Sarah generating her first £10,000 in November 2018.

She said that theres still a long way to go but is happy to be selling and making profit! 

We cannot wait to see her 2019 progress as she builds on this fantastic start! 
Paulius - 10K Club Member
After watching some entrepreneur content on YouTube he stumbled across an awkward British guy talking about Amazon FBA... Enter Jonny Bradley! Jonny and Paulius has a coaching call, after which he convinced his Girlfriend to go halves on the course.

Paulius launched in late 2018 and sold out in November after generating over £10,000 within just 2 months and that's when he joined the 10K Club! 
Ant - 10K Club Member
Ant's story is like many that join the Academy, this is what he told Jonny:

"I started Amazon to break free from the rat race and become financially free, I was 22 and a Manager at a Bank earning around 35k a year (not bragging!). It seemed great at first until you realise you are still in the rat race no matter how much you work your way up. Not only is the course massively in depth but your help is invaluable!”
Real People real results
Michael started with under £1,000, in two months he had made £10,000 and quickly went on to join the 100K Club!
Jason started with a £1,500 bonus, He joined the 10K club in the first 30 days and the 100K club in the first year!
Janson quickly scaled to his first £100,000 in sales just 6 months after starting, all from a modest investment!
Howard quickly grew his existing Amazon business to £100,000 in just a few months after starting!
Son and Eve quickly scaled their Amazon Business to generate over £300,000 in sales in under one year!
Ashley went from being in debt with no job to being able to achieve his goal and support his family!
"Michael had absolutely zero experience before enrolling. Admittedly he said he was taking a punt!

With a small budget of under £1,000 he found a perfect product and now consistently generating around £6,000 a month at 40% profit margins! 

Just a year on he reached £100,000!
Millions of pounds Generated

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Chris & Emily 
10K & 100K Club Members
10K & 100K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K & 100K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K Club Member
10K & 100K Club Member
"Michael had absolutely zero experience before enrolling. Admittedly he said he was taking a punt!

With a small budget of under £1,000 he found a perfect product and now consistently generating around £6,000 a month at 40% profit margins! 

Just a year on he reached £100,000!
More 10K & 100K Club Members
Samantha & Joao - 10K Club Member
After discovering Amazon FBA, Samantha and Joao went in together on a brand new Amazon FBA Business with the goal of scaling it so they can move to Spain and still have an income stream coming in.

After launching their product they started looking for the next one straight away as now they have seen the immense power of Amazon FBA and Private Labelling.
Rusu - 10K Club Member
Rusu said that although there is a lot of information on line about how to sell on amazon, you just cant get the same support and it'll take way longer than you think!

He said that taking a course really sped up the process for him and brings a smile to his face when he sees the sales coming in!

Nathan - 10K Club Member
After a lot of procrastination Nathan joined the family and soon after he found his first product and found an opportunity to stand out from the competition! He told Jonny this:

 "It feels epic to know that people appreciate all the work that I have put in and enjoy my product. To pass 10K sales has motivated me even more to find new products and grow my business to the next level, so that my family and me can be financially free, we will have more time to do the things that we want to do and enjoy the life we deserve.”
Howard - 100K Club Member
With a hugely successful brand Howard was able to create an incredible Amazon FBA business within a very short space of time and now he has cemented his brand as the ‘go to’ in their niche 

Many you of you have probably seen his products on TV without even knowing it!

The Success keeps growing
Michael - 100K Club Member
Michael had absolutely zero experience before enrolling. Admittedly he said he was taking a punt!

With a small budget of under £1,000 he found a perfect product and now consistently generating around £6,000 a month at 40% profit margins!

He has now generated over £100,000 with his Amazon store!!!
Emillian - 100K Club Member
Within 3 months he was selling over £19,000 a month and after 9 months he was doing £60,000 a month! 

All with just one product...

Emilian has said, “Amazon FBA has changed my life and I’m so glad that I started when I did!”
Lloyd - 100K Club Member
"It's been an amazing journey so far and everything gone from strength to strength. My product became best seller 2 weeks ago and sales have now tripled!"

Lloyd had no idea how quick he would be able to grow and is amazed how incredible the opportunity is. 
Oye - 10K Club Member
Oye said some of the information in the training you just couldn't find online and his sales picked up after he started implementing just 30% of the content.

Oye had his first 10K month in December of 2018 which he didn't think he'd get until well into 2019! 
Sam - 10K Club Member
Sam said, "Bro from Feb to Feb I almost hit £100K with one product!"

Sams gone through an incredible journey since enrolling in the Academy with £3,000 for stock and startup costs which he's now turned into nearly £100,000 in just one year. 
Rhys - 10K Club Member
Rhys is a great example of what's possible once you take action. He started with a small budget of just £800 but he had huge determination to take action, this is what he told Jonny once he made his first £10,000:

"While I didn't have a lot of money to start, £800 to be precise, I knew I had to at least start selling otherwise I'd fall into the trap of just thinking about it.”
Meet More 100K Club Members
Jason - 100K Club Member
Jason works as a quantity surveyor in London.

He started FBA as the model sounded great which it is and can be done from anywhere in the world. 

His big push to make a success is Jason's getting married in May in Poland and hopes to have quit work by then and move to Poland to raise a family.
Janson - 100K Club Member
After launching his first product Janson quickly became one of the best sellers and in his first months of selling he sold out and joined the 10K Club all at the same time.

Since getting back in stock he has been killing the FBA game, beating his own record doing £10K in just 6 days and going onto to do over £33,000 in just 30 days!
Joe - 100K Club Member
"I literally just followed the course" said Joe when asked about how he fofund his product!

Joe addmitted that he started just to make some extra money, he had never had a business before and runs his Amazon store in his spare time.

In a recent interview Joe said that iff it werent for going out of stock he would have been able to do over £250,000 in his first 12 months.
Lloyd - 100K Club Member
Lloyd was amazed how quickly he was able to reach the 10K mark however was astounded when soon after he reached £120,000 in sales.

He did all this in under 8 months starting from zero. 

It won't be long before Lloyd reaches his first half a million in sales!
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Benn Knowles
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"the information gained is worth the price paid"
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Daniel Brand
Jonny's course was the single best investment I ever made. Changed me in all aspects and gave me a huge platform for my business to start. And I'm about to successfully launch my first product very soon. Don't cut corners just do it
Tom Honey
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"You're investing in knowledge so I would be very happy to recommend Jonny!"
"As soon as you sign up you've got the support from everybody following the same journey." 
"For anyone out there looking to learn more about Amazon then this is definitely a good step in the right direction."
"I encourage anybody that's look to find a training course of this nature to give it a try, because you won't regret it!"
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"Michael had absolutely zero experience before enrolling. Admittedly he said he was taking a punt!

With a small budget of under £1,000 he found a perfect product and now consistently generating around £6,000 a month at 40% profit margins! 

Just a year on he reached £100,000!
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